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Air Europa is finalizing a project to charter daily flights between Malaga and the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, which would place the Costa del Sol in a privileged position regarding air connections with the emerging Russian market. The Russian market is increasingly important to all tourist destinations, and Malaga, the Costa del Sol […]

At Malaga airport has already begun the high season for airlines which will last until the end of October. This summer the capital of the Costa del Sol will have a 10.1% more seats and 8.9% more scheduled flights from European destinations. Of these, more than 80% of the seats offered by the companies are […]

Located between Genal Valley and the Costa del Sol, the village of Casares is one of the Andalusian white villages that definitely deserve a visit. Historic monuments, museums, typically Andalusian streets, ecological sites, beaches and local cuisine are some the offers of this beautiful municipality. Casares retains many more monuments and remains of interest in […]

Since the last restriction in European air traffic due to the volcanic ash cloud on the 17th of May, there have not been registered any further incidents. The volcano activity recently has commenced decreasing. Summer is coming and currently are landing at Malaga airport daily approximately 180 flights from all over Europe and many Spanish […]

The gastronomic happening will be held from the 1st to the 6th of September in Marbella and there are programmed varied activities like a Competition of Espeto (Sardines grilled on a stick over carbon fires, typical for Malaga) or a “Dinner Michelin” with the presence of several internationally known Chefs as for instance Dani Garcia, who […]

The arrival of high season, filling the pools and the Feria take out six hecto- cubic meters water out of the reservoirs in seven days. The water reserves in the reservoirs of the have been dwindling, especially during the last days. This increase in consume is due to fact that the Costa del Sol augments […]

Excavation works have finished for the passage of the suburban train, whose construction will be finished by the end of the year 2009. The government supports the proposal of an exclusive high speed train between Málaga and Estepona. The transformation of Málaga Airport advances quickly. The new terminal is very visible and expected to be fully […]