Delta Plays its Trump Card by Offering Malaga – NYC Flights

Delta Air Lines has announced plans to open a link on June 4 to Malaga via New York’s JFK Airport. Americans and Spanish people with business or family in the US are delighted, as this represents the first nonstop stateside connection of its kind. Undoubtedly, this will also open the door to cheaper fares (starting at 550 € round trip), since this provides competition for other multi-leg flights routed through Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London and elsewhere. Also, new personnel in the Malaga Airport means extra jobs to boost the local economy.

The original number of flights per week on this route was set at 3, but the high number of pre-bookings have caused the American company to add another weekly flight. A source inside the company mentions possibilities of adding other connections to Malaga in the States as well.

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