Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada – Europe´s southernmost ski resort

Sierra Nevada Night

Sunset in Sierra Nevada

Most tourists associate Andalusia with sun, beach, flamenco and tapas. Very few people know that here is also a great ski resort. The Sierra Nevada attracts with 100 km ski slopes and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

On clear days you can enjoy an incredible view over the Straits of Gibraltar and clearly visible are the small towns on the Costa Tropical. Even individual vessels can be seen from nearly 3,300 meters. Further away we can see the African coast with the Moroccan Rif Mountains. Skiing in Europe with views of Africa, you won´t get that nowhere else.

Here at the highest point of the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, the view is so striking that hardly any skier goes immediately down the slopes. The Sierra Nevada is not only Europe’s southernmost, but also the highest ski area. To the 3396 meters high Veleta summit there is only a 100 metres difference in altitude from the close by Laguna Lift. Also, the 3481 metres high Mulhacén (the Mountain of Sun in Moorish times) seems within reach.

In the east lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, the Moorish city of Granada with its world-famous Caliph’s Palace, the Alhambra, which is also easily made out from the lofty heights.

Access: By charter and scheduled flights to Malaga. From here, a 90-minutes trip in a rental car or bus to Granada. There are daily buses from Granada to the ski resort Pradollano.

Winter Sports: The ski season in Sierra Nevada runs from early December to late April. The day ski pass costs about 40 €. See our related article about Sierra Nevada.

The glittering surface in the background is not ice or snow: View from Pico de Veleta over the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

Sierra Nevada opens the season on Saturday November 27th

The Ministry of Tourism confirmed the opening date of the Pradollano ski resort in Sierra Nevada, Granada.

Sierra Nevada is another distinguishing element of tourism in Andalusia, including the huge and monumental cultural heritage, the offer of sun, beaches and golf facilities that exist in the province of Malaga.

The 2010-2011 season, which begins on November 27th, has new facilities and special promotions for all types of customers, with special emphasis on families and youth groups.

Sierra Nevada, with a total of 115 km skiing slopes is one of the preferred areas by skiers. Especially attractive for experts is the Aguila slope, with a length of 6,180 meters and a vertical drop of 1,170 meters, which is one of the most demanding descents in this ski resort.

This winter, the big news in Sierra Nevada is the opening of Sulayr Park, a complex dedicated to lovers of freestyle and snowboarding, with new modules, both natural and artificial, and Wi-Fi network. Among the new features this year are lower prices for rental of equipment, which have dropped from 22 Euros to 18 Euros.

The ski resort Pradollano is situated on 2.300 metres height in Sierra Nevada, only 36 km from Granada capital and 160 km from Malaga.

Winter season 2010/11 in Sierra Nevada likely to begin on November 27

27th of November is the date initially chosen to open the ski resort of Sierra Nevada in Granada. Of course, the indispensable condition to open the resort will be the presence of snow in adequate quality and quantity.

For this season Sierra Nevada has been awarded with an investment of 10 million Euros to promote new facilities and reform existing facilities.

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada will launch this winter season 2010/2011 the Sulayr super park dedicated to fans of snowboarding and freestyle, in Loma de Dilar area, which will be set from now on as a young space, funny and with its own image.

The new snow park, larger than the previous one, will have three areas of natural and artificial modules, ambient music and Wi-Fi network, among others.

As a result, the perimeter which was previously occupied by Sulayr in Borreguiles will join the family and beginners ski area, in a reorganization of the Sierra Nevada ski area that seeks to provide better scenarios for two basic sectors: the families and snowboarders.

One of the great innovations of the 2010/11 campaign will be the launching of the slope Universiade. For the design of this slope it has been necessary to build an underground crossing at its intersection with the slope Maribel.

The idea of this initiative is to support the development of competitions along with the commercial exploitation of the station, as with the underground crossing it is not necessary to interrupt the traffic of skiers from Borreguiles and Pradollano when Super G competitions are held on the track Universiade.

As well for the first time has been launched the pre-sale of discounted ski passes. Sierra Nevada is situated only 120 km from the Costa del Sol and offers visitors a wide range of hotels and apartments.