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Beach holidayWhen tourists are boarding a plane to Malaga the priority continues being rest and relax on the Costa del Sol beaches. Marbella remains the destination of choice for a vast majority of foreigners seeking its attractive landscapes while domestic tourists opt for the east coast of the province.

Another summer, the province’s beaches are filled with tourists of all nationalities. The Costa del Sol each year becomes a favourite destination for many visitors, who flock to Malaga attracted by (more…)

Book hotels in Malaga and complementary services through the iPhone

app Hotels Costa del Sol

Hotels Costa del Sol App

Tourists wishing to visit the Costa del Sol will have at their disposal a new tool to know everything about the destination, with a mobile application from which visitors can book hotels and know all the information regarding their services.

The mobile application is now available for free on the iPhone App Store under the name of ‘Hotels Costa del Sol’. For now, it is only available for iPhones in Spanish and English, but soon is planned a second version for Android devices incorporating German, French and Russian. (more…)

1 year after the visit of Michelle Obama American tourism grows a 32%

Michelle Obama shopping in Marbella in 2010

One year after the arrival of Michelle Obama, wife of the U.S. President, to the Costa del Sol there is evidence that this visit has had a great response: In the first six months of the year, the arrival of tourists at Malaga airport from the United States has grown by over 32%.

This fact is even more important if one considers that in this period the Costa del Sol does not have a direct flight to New York, as Delta Airlines operates this connection only during the summer.

The U.S. is not the only market that has soared in the first half of the year. Russia, which provides tourists with high purchasing power and longer stays, has also focused on the tourist offer in Malaga. Here has a lot to do the fact that strategies are established to speed up expedition of visas, after which has grown a 63% the arrival of Russian travelers to the Costa del Sol.

Another country that is experiencing a strong increase in Malaga and which provides a high level client is Switzerland, from where are 40% more tourists.

The Nordic countries are a market that has not only recovered in recent years but which is at the forefront in terms of growth rate. Statistics of Malaga airport reveal that until May the arrival of Danish has increased by 25%; of Finnish by 30%; of Norwegians by 28% and of Swedish by 37%.

Data that join the pillars of the Costa del Sol abroad, which are the United Kingdom and Germany, which also respond well, with increases of 11 % and 21% respectively, according to the Tourist Board.

Agreement between Government and syndicates for Easter week

The tourism industry welcomed the tentative agreement attained yesterday between the government and the syndicates and expects to have a good Easter week.

The tourism sector in Malaga breathed yesterday with relief when the Ministry of Development announced that has been reached a tentative agreement between the direction of Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (Aena) and the syndicates, thus have been dismissed the 22 days planned to strike at Easter, May and summer.

The notice of strike by workers of Aena had felt like a cold shower because the sector already had to overcome last year’s wildcat strike by air traffic controllers in December or the eruption of a volcano in Iceland in April.

Four out of five German tourists visiting the Costa del Sol repeat

German tourist arrivals at Malaga airport last year grew 3%. As explained yesterday the president of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, 79.8% of German tourists who had visited the Costa del Sol had done so previously.  

According to the latest report by the Tourism Board on the German market, is reported the existence of a new German tourist profile. Currently, the tourist destination receives tourists with more purchasing power, who tend to opt for four-star hotels and to extend their stay.

Relying on the good behavior of the macroeconomic data for Germany, the Tourist Board predicts that by the end of 2011will be recovered pre-crisis levels. It also takes into account that the German population is one with the highest propensity to travel in the world. 75% of the population traveled in 2010 and this optimism continues in 2011.

The high degree of loyalty of German tourism to the Costa del Sol is based, according to the report, in their own experience. However, 40% of German tourists who traveled to the Costa del Sol for the first time had learned about the destination by the recommendation of friends or relatives.

If we look at what things value these tourists at the destination, the main features are  the hospitality and climate, followed by beaches and the ambience. The average mark awarded by Germans tourists for the Costa del Sol is set at 8.1.

Another fact about the German tourist profile is that 60% gets its package tour through a travel agency, be it traditional or virtual. Only 26.4% buy online.